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LD-75 Warning Alarm Siren

LD-75 Warning Alarm Siren

LD-75 Warning Alarm Siren

LD-75 Warning Alarm Siren is a small & compact warning alarm that warn bystanders of cars backing up. Screwed-in holes for easy fixure onto transportation equipment or device. 

  • Suitable for automobile backing up.
  • Has multiple tones available for selection
  • Can be screwed onto fixtures.
  • Small & compact
  • Sturdy casing for outdoor use
  • ​Suitable for attaching onto device, equipment, machinery, vehicle, or as standalone unit





  • Color Black, ivory or others
  • Input & current: 12-24V DC, 100mA (low voltage available)
  • Tone: Bi-Bi-Bi, music, or ringer, etc.
  • Siren output: 95 ± 3dB (at 1 ft)

*****We also welcome new design and specification you would like to develop for this product. Please feel free to contact us. 


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Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: Negotiable
  • OEM/ODM Product, Buyer's Label Offered