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Wireless Smoke Detector Alarm

Wireless Smoke Detector Alarm
Product ID: 360-Series

Wireless Smoke Detector Alarm 360-Series is a standalone photoelectric device with radio inter-link capability. Using state of the art function and design, it is ideal for smart home, fire alarm and security system. It can be operated with lithium-ion battery for extended battery life of 10 years. Easy to clean & maintain with a modular removable smoke chamber. Other regular functions such as calibration and self-test help ensure the detector’s function.

  • 3-year or 10-year battery life option available.
  • GPIO interface for easy wireless RF interlink function integration between smoke alarms
  • Designed to meet latest UL217, UL268 & EN14604 standard.
  • Ideal for Smart home, IoT, connected device application.
  • Silence / hush function to delay or stop alarm sound.
  • Manual testing to confirm battery life & operation.
  • Automatic calibration of smoke sensitivity.
  • Periodic self-testing of device.
  • Smoke & heat combination detection option is available.
  • Low battery alert indicator.
  • Loud 85dB/ 3m sound output
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Modern design


  • Voltage: 3V (for lithium battery)
  • Standby Current: max 15uA; 10uA (with RF function)
  • Alarm current: max 100mA; 60mA (with RF function)
  • Temperature Range: 0 degree Celsius to 49 degree Celsius
  • Color: White

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Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: Negotiable
  • OEM/ODM Product, Buyer's Label Offered