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Piezo Siren KS-79S

Piezo Siren KS-79S

Piezo Siren KS-79S

Piezo Siren KS-79S is mini sized and has special piezoelectric resonance design to create loud siren. The siren generates high decibel to notify and warn individuals far away. The small, camouflage design helps to disguise the alarm from unsuspecting intruders, or to be fitted into security system, vehicle, equipment, or device. Many different backplate options available for easy mounting.

  • Small and compact
  • Consumes little power.
  • Modern plastic housing.
  • Suitable for many different applications
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Screw-in holes for easy mounting






*****If there are any OEM designs/specifications you would like to develop for this product, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to accommodate your request and ensure customer satisfaction.


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Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: Negotiable
  • OEM/ODM Product, Buyer's Label Offered