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SPZB-82 Alarm Siren Speaker

SPZB-82 Alarm Siren Speaker

SPZB-82 Alarm Siren Speaker

SPZB-82 is the cousin to our SPZR-82 siren speaker. Both are able to generated very loud sound of very high decibel. The compact and circular design makes it ideal for fitting into home security products, machinery or equipment. This siren speaker can be linked onto your PCB of choice for generating your desired sound. Made of tough plastic material of highest grade to ensure it can withstand physical impact and weathering.

  • Sturdy casing
  • Water resistance
  • Loud decibels
  • Small dimensions
  • Aesthetically pleasing shape & design

Patent No.

Taiwan: 117356 / 46902

U.S.A.: 4979219 

P.R.C.: 68282 

  • Color: black, red + ivory, black, or others
  • Operating voltage: 200 Vp-p (max)
  • Resonant frequency: 3.3 ± 0.5 KHz
  • Siren output: 115 ± 5dB (at 3.0 KHz, 1ft)
  • Operating frequency: 1.5 KHz – 3.5KHz ± 30%

 *****We also welcome new design and specification you would like to develop for this product. Please feel free to contact us.