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Wireless LPG Gas Detector UL1484

Wireless LPG Gas Detector UL1484

Our wireless gas detector is a great way to sense the presence and leakage of combustible, flammable and toxic gases such as LPG or natural gas. Compliant to EN and UL standards. Ultra-sensitive processor can monitor and warn users of potential harm. The alarm sensor can transmit RF wireless signals to control panel or other smart home devices.


  • Effective for detecting propane and natural gas leak
  • Catalytic sensor
  • Silence & hush for warning alert
  • Smart home, connected home, IoT integration available
  • Low voltage consumption
  • Back-up battery option available.
  • Automatic report monitoring
  • Relay function available
  • Inter-link connectivity option available
  • Self-test function
  • Easy installation
  • Designed to meet EN50194 & UL1484 Standards
  • Ideal for use in hazardous environment such as enclosed room, kitchen, industrial plant, vehicles and facilities.


  • Voltage: 230/110V AC or 5V DC
  • Operating current: max 40mA (for 110V)
  • Sound Output: 85dB / 3m 

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