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EN54 Multi-Sensor Smoke Detector

EN54 Multi-Sensor Smoke Detector

The smoke and heat combination alarm can respond to fire at early stage, using advanced optical technologies. Designed according to EN54 standard, it undergoes stringent tests & quality control for optimal performance during fire emergency. 

  •  Advanced fire detection using state of the art technology
  •  Dual LED for 360 Degrees all-round visibility
  •  Conforms to EN54-5 & EN54-7 standard
  •  Durable construction for long use
  •  Modern design
  •  Standalone option available
  •  2 or 4 wire option available.
  •  Smoke or heat option available
  •  Conventional or addressable Types available


  • Voltage: 12-35V DC
  • Temperature: -10°C to + 50°C


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